This is the first book in the Li Mei Spy Action series, although mystery or suspense may be just as appropriate descriptions. The Mei Hua Triad is the most powerful criminal organization in both China and America but only a handful of people even know of their existence. The few people who are aware of the Mei Hua hold them in dread. Then the Chinese woman arrived in Seattle and life would never be the same for the Mei Hua Triad or for FBI Special Agent, Sean McNamara.  

The Chinese State Security Officer, using the undercover name, Li Mei, has a mission and nothing will deter her...this mission is personal. Twenty-five years ago, two Triad killers had failed to find and kill a witness who saw them murder a shopkeeper and his wife. This was a mistake that they will come to regret.  

The Chinese woman’s mission is interrupted when she is sent to the Caribbean island of Barbados. Also on the island is the Mei Hua Triad and they have a mission of their own. A conspiracy is revealed that could have global consequences and bring the world to the brink of war. She teams up with Special Agent McNamara to thwart this conspiracy but a hit team arrives on the island to hunt for them; they know too much to be allowed to remain alive.


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The second book in “The Chinese Woman” series, Operation Lion Den. Al-Qaeda terrorists, posing as Spaniards, have crossed into the US from Mexico and arrived in New York with a plan far more dangerous and devastating than 9-11. Once again FBI agent, Sean McNamara and Li Mei work together to discover the terrorist plot but time is running out and half the population of New York is facing obliteration. Why are Chinese agents in New York and why are MOSSAD agents trying to kill Li Mei? The people of New York have only a day or two to live when FBI agent McNamara is arrested and this vital investigation grinds to a halt. (Formerly published as Operation Fox Den.)
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This book, Mystery Assassin, is the third book in "The Chinese Woman: Li Mei Spy Action Series. 

Once again, a book from this series will not only take you on an exciting and interesting journey, it will also provide a learning experience. Due to the author’s background in law enforcement and intelligence, you will learn about the real world of those professions and how officers and agents think and what they do. 

FBI agent, Sean McNamara, leads a Joint Task Force to investigate a serial killer who has crossed state lines, but discovering the identity of this killer will create far more problems than it solves. Meanwhile, a Chinese assassin kills two prominent American officials and the FBI implements a countrywide dragnet for the only suspect, Li Mei. The evidence is so strong that Li Mei will face the death penalty. Li Mei realizes the Mei Hua Triad has their hand in this but her time is running out as she tries to find the real assassin and avoid being captured by the FBI.

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This is the fourth novel in “The Chinese Woman” series. Red Dragons. Someone is abducting pre-teen girls in Beijing, including the granddaughter of the Director of State Security, Second Bureau. Li Mei learns the dreaded Red Dragons triad are responsible and tracks the girls to Seattle. Li Mei and FBI agent Sean McNamara have difficulty locating the child brothel, but if and when they are successful, how does the FBI raid the brothel without some of the children being killed? In fact, the Red Dragons may kill the children to prevent them testifying. The FBI are faced with a quandary they cannot solve, but Li Mei has a plan, but she doesn’t tell the FBI.

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