Brian is a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where he worked on the Major Crime Section, Drug Squad and National Crime Intelligence Section (responsible for organized crime and terrorism). He was also an instructor at the Canadian Police College (the Canadian equivalent of the FBI National Academy), the RCMP In-service Training Branch and Northwest Law Enforcement Academy.

Brian has also worked as a private investigator and security consultant. He has been to China many times to study the culture, the Chinese criminal justice system and organized crime. He lived in the world’s largest municipality of Chongqing, population 34 million, for seven years and now spends most of his time between Canada and China.  Brian has trained in and instructed martial arts for over forty years, training in both Canada and China.  He has also taught self-defense courses to women, police and government agencies.  While in China, in consultation with police self-defense instructors and martial artists, he developed Deadly Attack Survival (DAS).

Brian’s main love in sailing and his hobby is health, fitness and longevity. He married grand master Tian Yong in 2001. Tian Yong is renowned in Chongqing as an expert in the ancient Chinese art of rejuvenation and anti-aging. You can see photos of Tian Yong  on this website and on Brian’s Facebook page (Brian N. Cox).   Tian Yong is 50 or older in every photo, even though she appears to be a women in her 20’s.


Brian Cox meets with senior officers at the Chongqing Police College in the Municipality of Chongqing, China, population 34 million, to exchange police training ideas and courses.  The police recruits receive extensive training in a three year degree course before commencing field training.  After the first two semesters, the recruits take either criminal police training or traffic police training.  Except in unusual circumstances, police officers in China normally perform their duties unarmed.  Chongqing City police are about 30,000 whereas the entire municipality would be approximately 80,000.  Exact figures are not available.


Northwest Law Enforcement Academy