The Ancient Chinese Art of Rejuvenation

When the author, Brian Cox, traveled to China in 2001, he had high hopes of learning about the ancient Chinese art of rejuvenation that he had heard stories about from Chinese friends. Cox had always been intensely interested in fitness and health, and in particular, the strategies, methods and techniques of age reversal. While in China, he discovered that Chongqing, the world’s largest municipality in southwest China, was the center of the ancient Chinese art of rejuvenation and he was fortunate to meet and befriend, Tian Yong, a grand master in this art. Tian Yong looked at least twenty-five years younger than her actual age and had the limberness, balance and dexterity of athletic teenager

Combining the knowledge and expertise of Tian Yong with his own years of research, Cox and Tian Yong co-authored the book “How to Look Younger and Live Longer”.  The Table of Contents below lays out the contents of this book quite clearly.  There are also some excellent tips for weight loss.  Chongqing people are amongst the slimmest people in the world and you will be shocked at what they eat. This book is considered an outstanding value at only $4.99
Note: A bonus chapter was added to this book describing how to reduce and prevent facial wrinkles and sagging skin.

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Although looking young, longer, is a byproduct of this Chinese art, its main purpose is to extend quality of life into old age (EQOL), i.e., good health and fitness into your latter years. Everything you did for fun, enjoyment and sports in your forties, you should be able to do in your seventies and beyond. This ancient art is all drugs, pills, lotions, potions, hormones, etc., none of which will make you look younger or live longer in good health (just make some people rich). Best of all, there is no restrictive diet, no strenuous exercise, no time consuming requirements, and as you progress, you will feel better, look better and be able to take advantage of the last twenty years of your life, instead of debilitation, illness, pain and requiring a caregiver. It will require many lifestyle changes, but nothing that causes stress, great inconvenience or unacceptable restrictions to your life. The main source of information in this book is Grand Master Tian Yong, a woman who is sixty-two at the time of writing and is often mistaken for a woman in her twenties. She doesn't really care about youthful appearance as her main concern is living in good health and fitness to the end of her days.


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The photo above is an ordinary selfie photos of Tian Yong at sixty-two years of age.  Tian Yong is a Grand Master of the ancient Chinese art of rejuvenation and anti-aging.   She seldom wears any makeup, and in this photo, she is not even wearing lipstick or eyebrow pencil.