Brian N. Cox is a former Mountie (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) who was an Instructor at the Canadian Police College (the Canadian Equivalent to the FBI National Academy) and at Northwest Law Enforcement Academy.   He has written books based on his personal experience.   He was a criminal investigator and intelligence officer who lived in China for seven years.  Based on this experience, he wrote the Li Mei Spy-Suspense-Thriller novels about a Chinese female intelligence officer (Spy) sent to the USA on dangerous assignments targeting the powerful Mei Hua Triad.   He also wrote a series of non-fiction "How To" books on a variety of subjects for which he had personal experience.  Most notably, the "Deadly Attack Survival" series, ideal for anyone who faces danger, and in particular women who may be targeted by sexual predators or serial killers.   He has also co-authored several books with Tian Yong, a Grand Master of the ancient Chinese art of anti-aging.

A fifth book in the Li Mei Spy-Suspense-Thriller series..."The Chinese Woman: Operation Black Cobra" is scheduled for release Spring 2018.  A new book, co-authored with Tian Yong, is now available, entitled..."The Ancient Chinese Art of Anti-Aging: Extending Quality of Life"...NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!

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